Bondller Self-Adhesive Tapes for Electrical Insulation

Wide range of insulating tapes based on films, paper & cloth combinations.
Various adhesive possibilities include Rubber, Acrylic & Silicones.
Heat Classes from Y to H ( Up to 180°C) & working temperatures up to 400°C.
Flexibility to offer various thicknesses, roll widths, and lengths per customer requirements.
Oil-Filled Transformer tapes.
Pre-impregnated Glass Banding tapes for High Mechanical Strength.
Available in Printed or Die-Cut form.

Bondller Electrical Tapes are constructed from a complete range of backing materials:

Acetate silk cloth
Creped Nomex® Polyamide paper
Creped paper
Glass cloth
Kraft paper
Laminates of film / cloth, film / foil, film / paper & film / non-woven
Nomex® Mica paper
Nomex® Polyamide paper
Polyester film
Polyethylene Naphthalate film (PEN)
Polyimide film
Polypropylene film
Shrinkable Polyester film
Teflon® PTFE coated glass cloth
Teflon® PTFE film

Typical Electrical Tapes technologies:

  • Electrical Glass Cloth Transformer Tapes
  • Electrical Machine Phase / Slot Insulation Tapes
  • Electrical Transformer Tapes
  • Oil-Filled Transformer Tapes
  • Teflon® PTFE & Teflon Glass Cloth Electrical Tapes