EMI Shielding Tapes

Through our commitment to continuous product improvement and product innovation, Bondller has become a world-renowned supplier on a global scale of specialist metal foil-based laminates and precision die-cut parts. With our coatings, laminating, and die-cutting technologies within our group of companies, we can offer our customers products specifically tailored to their requirements and produce to the highest quality standards.

Shielding tapes are well suited for applications requiring reliable point-to-point electrical contact, particularly EMI shielding, grounding, and static charge draining.

Special foil/film-based laminates and die-cut pieces are available in a wide range of thicknesses to the customer's design and specification. We are well placed to provide an innovative solution for the most challenging of applications.

Typical Shielding Tapes technologies:

  • Aluminium foil tapes
  • Copper foil tapes
  • Laminates for Transformers Shielding and Winding
  • Shielding tapes
  • Tin Clad Copper Foil Tapes