Corporate Principles

Mission & Vision

Electrification and the use of sustainable materials are the driving force towards a safer, emission-free future.

Bondller  will continue to be the global leader in providing innovative and cost efficient Technical Self-adhesive Tapes solutions to the automotive industry.

Focus on the customer

We are committed to supply best value to our customers, by providing state-of-the-art, high quality products and services at optimum cost.

Think global, Act local

We combine local knowledge, global design and production standards to offer the best support to our customers.


As a global technology leader, Bondller is playing a key role in enabling the transformation towards renewable energy and e‑mobility. Our technologies and products may not usually be visible in wind turbines, electric cars, or industrial plants — but as our company, they present themselves as «hidden champions»: they increase the efficiency, performance, and durability of electric motors, generators, and batteries.

Environmental Responsibility

The global industry is rapidly transforming toward zero emissions. Our products are key enablers for this. They are not only future-proof. They are future critical.