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Custom-Made Products
Are you currently facing a material science challenge or struggling with new product development? Let us know how we can help.

- Bondller has excelled in developing custom-made products. Tailored to meet specific and special requirements from customers providing quality solutions to engineering and technical problems.

Die-Cut Components
- Thicknesses to individual customer specifications. These components can be supplied printed, unprinted, or with an ink-receptive coating for bar-coding.
- Pressure-sensitive die-cut components are normally supplied in roll form but may also be supplied in individual pieces.

Research and Development
- Supporting all aspects of our operation the R&D department can offer support and technical knowledge on all areas of adhesive tape design and production. We also provide assistance to our customers during the design and product selection process.

Success is different for each customer. From Bondller's perspective, success is being able to bring our customers new ideas or concepts to continue to grow their business even after the end of the project. Please contact us to find out more about Bondller's product development process.