Bondller Corp.

Bondller Adhesive Products produces a wide range of products of which comply with the high requirements of the automotive industry.

Selected applications of Bondller products used in the automotive industry and their advantages:

Applications requiring dielectric properties such as winding insulations of built-in car starters and inductive coils use the Nomex® aramide-paper laminates with polyester.

Windscreen heating systems utilise PPI flexible connectors and bus bars based on tin clad copper foils. We supply them in the form of tailor-made die-cuts and laminated rolls.

Durable polyester labels serve for the identification of engine components, PCB’s and other car electronics and car body parts. These labels feature an excellent adhesive strength to a variety of substrates making them highly durable throughout whole car life. Identification labels are suitable for thermal-transfer printing of bar codes and 2D codes and feature high resistance against smudging.

The powder-coating masking tapes are suitable for masking irregular surfaces such as aluminium door frames and car windows. Masking tapes leave no residue upon removal and their reinforced carrier material prevents them from breaking. We supply these tapes in a variety of roll sizes and die-cut shapes. Masked surfaces ensure a smooth coating process without levelling defects and provide clean and sharp colour edges for multi-layer or multi-colour coatings.

The car chassis vehicle identification numbers (VINs) are protected during the painting process by PPI multilayer protective overlays.

Specialised processing tapes are used in baking varnishing procedures.

High-performance Bondller products, like polyimide- PTFE- and polyester insulation tapes are built in the automotive electronic sensors.

Airbag inflators seal tapes are custom-made metal-foil products (Aluminium, Stainless-Steel, Copper) used to protect the inflator’s blowing agent from effects of air humidity.