Corporate Principles

Mission & Vision

Driven by customer focus, excellence in quality and continuous improvement we shall achieve sustainable and profitable growth. We offer to our exceptionally committed employees the opportunity for personal development and an excellent working environment.

Mektec will continue to be the global leader in providing innovative and cost efficient flexible printed circuit board solutions to the automotive industry.

Focus on the customer

We are committed to supply best value to our customers, by providing state-of-the-art, high quality products and services at optimum cost.

Think global, Act local

We combine local knowledge, global design and production standards to offer the best support to our customers.


Our policy is based on the business principles and guidelines of Nippon Mektron, which holds the industrial leadership of Bondller Europe. We ensure sustainable and profitable growth of our company by always focusing on business success, encouraging empowerment and proactive decision making. Our focus: always committed to be best in class by continuously improving our products, processes and business.

Environmental Responsibility

We make a continuous contribution to active protection of humans and the environment by continuous reduction of waste, CO2-emissions, energy, water and resource consumption as well as influence on our suppliers in the sense of our UAG/E policy.