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From Base Carrier Material to Custom Tape Solutions

Our premium collection of adhesives coupled with our expertise, make us the number one choice for all customers. We have no doubt about our ability to fulfill all your requirements.

We have a wide range of industrial adhesive tapes products. If you ever need high quality or specific types of adhesive tapes and insulating materials, contact us today.

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Markets for high-tech film and tapes

Bondller specializes in adhesive tapes and suitable for a wide range of applications in various industries, such as electrical, electronic, FPCB, magnetic materials, aerospace, and photographic sectors

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From protective film base material to adhesive tapes

Have you found this information on use of Bondller products in airbag industry of interest? We shall provide you promptly with information in more detail or suggest solutions for other applications.

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High-Tech for your Applications

We produce a very extensive and sophisticated range of Technical Adhesive Tapes, Laminates and Die-Cuts for a wide range of applications

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Global support for worldwide customers.


Careers at Bondller

You would like to work in a global and modern company? You enjoy working in international teams where you can make a difference? If so, we would like to get to know you!