Polyimide Film Adhesive Tapes

Polyimide Film Tapes are ideal for applications requiring high dielectric strength in extreme temperature environments, polyimide pressure-sensitive adhesive tapes boast resistance to extreme heat, solvents, and abrasion. Our full portfolio of polyimide tapes includes DuPont® Kapton® coated with acrylic or silicone adhesive and cling film options, all of which are designed for high-temperature electrical applications.

Polyimide Film Tapes Features

  • Masking tapes in electronic, aerospace and automotive applications
  • Protecting against handling damage and high temperatures up to 260°C continuous and 300°C in temporary masking applications
  • Product range includes options such as Kapton film, electrical grade polyimide and ultra-thin polyimide combined with high-temperature silicone or acrylic adhesive systems
  • Thin, high-temperature resistant tapes address insulation requirements of traction motors, high-voltage motors, and dry-type transformers

Other Products related to Polyimide film

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