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From Standard Jumbo rolls to die cutting solutions

For over 30 years, Bondller specializes in adhesive tapes, and hence we have a very extensive and sophisticated range of technical self-adhesive tapes. These are suitable for a wide range of applications in various industries, such as electrical, electronic, audio/video, magnetic media, aerospace, and photographic sectors.

We design and produce customised tapes, laminates, and die-cut pieces to individual customer specifications, including small quantities for short runs, prototyping, etc. Our adhesive tapes products include : Kapton tapes, PET tapes, Teflon tapes, Precut Discs & Dots tapes, Polyimide Films, Polyester Films, PTFE Films & others

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Markets for high temperature tapes

Most notably in the Electrical, Electronic, Aerospace, Automotive and Medical sectors, as well as a wide range of tapes for specialized industrial and high-tech applications.

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From functional film material to adhesive tapes

Our technology range goes from single sided tapes to double-sided and multilayer flexible materials as well as technical functional film, Producer of precision die-cut self-adhesive and non-adhesive components for all of the relevant sectors of industry.

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High-Tech for your Applications

One of our main strengths is our ability to produce customised tapes and die-cut pieces to individual customer specifications, including by industry standards small quantities for short runs, etc.

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