Adhesive Bonding Tapes

Adhesive Bonding, the process of joining two surfaces or components together, comprises a wide range of double-sided adhesive tapes & transfer adhesive tapes depending on the application requirements.

Adhesive bonding of the various substrates combinations is used across many industries including electrical and electronics, automotive, composite, and many other industrial applications. Whether temporary holding tape or permanent fixing, Bondller can offer a wide variety of solutions for such applications.


Typical Adhesive Bonding Tapes Applications:

  • Differential Adhesive Double Sided Tapes
  • Double-sided Acrylic Foam Tapes
  • Electrical Conductive Transfer Tapes
  • Heat Activated Splicing Tapes
  • Heat Activated Transfer Tapes
  • Silicone-based Transfer tapes
  • Thermal Conductive Acrylic Foam Tapes
  • Thermally Conductive Tapes