Bondller Products - Provide the Adhesive Tape Solutions

We produce a very extensive and sophisticated range of Technical Adhesive Tapes, Laminates, and Die-Cuts for a wide range of applications. Our single sided foam tapes, range from the standard waterproof cloth tapes through to the highly specialized polyester, polyimide and kapton films with silicone adhesive systems.

For more than 30 years, the Bondller brand has stood for quality in coated, laminated and metallized films. Bondller film, foil and fabrics are used in over 25 countries across the globe and are critical components in aircraft, automotive, packaging, solar and spacecraft applications.

As a leading electrical insulation tape and films solutions provider. We develop products that support varied industries such as telecoms, power, automobiles, marine, mining, and other fields.

Bespoke Custom Manufacturing

We design and produce customized tapes, laminates, and die-cut pieces to individual customer specifications, including small quantities for short runs, prototyping, etc. we have become a major supplier of high performance tapes into an extensive range of markets and applications worldwide.