High Temperature Glass Cloth Tape

Glass cloths are the most flexible and conformable backings used for adhesive tapes. Due to the glass fibers in the cloth (an inorganic material), it is non-flammable and high temperature resistant. Glass cloths can be used at a constant temperature of 180°C (356°F), and offers good solvent and chemical resistance. The tensile strength of glass cloth is excellent (almost 6 times that of 0.025 mm PET).

Glass cloth tapes can be used for a wide range of applications: insulation, inner and outer layer wrapping of electrical coils, and bobbins.

Applications of Glass Cloth Tape:

  • Masking of high-temperature surfaces

  • Wire harnessing, holding, and bundling

  • Protection against abrasion on surfaces

  • Used in heat treatment applications

  • Sealing ducts of high temperature permanently